Mill Bay Nature School

Honoured Guest

Theme: French Education, Public Education, and Recreation / Outdoor Education
Location: Vancouver Island
Age Group: Elementary

Position Description

The teacher candidates-in-residence will take up roles in our school village where they see themselves fitting. They may lead playful inquiries, offer nature-based lessons, or help us build permanent clan shelters on our 5-acre clear-cut outdoor campus. They will be expected to see possibilities & take up self-directed challenges.

Expected hours //
# of placements 15
French possible? Yes


Organization Information

At Mill Bay Nature School – during non-COVID times – you will see children, elders, parents, & community members taking up active and participatory roles that allows them to interact and work collaboratively with educators. This is the spirit of co-creation. Co-creation also acknowledges that each one in the community has different expertise & experience to share in order to develop a rich ecology of learning & growth: elders bring their indigenous lens to the traditional grammar of schooling – where the image of children is that they are sacred & full of strengths; teachers bring years of study & practice in supporting human growth & development; parents bring both a deep understanding of their children as well as their vocational interests & passions – like community members do. Children bring their curiosity & questions, & willingness to take chances, make mistakes, & get messy – which inspires us all.

Location: Mill Bay, Vancouver Island

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