Maple Leaf Educational Systems

Theme: International Placement
Age Group: Elementary and Secondary
Associated Costs: Accommodations can be in school dorms or with Maple Leaf teachers in private apartments. All schools have cafeterias for students to enjoy Chinese food. In larger schools there is considerable flexibility to visit a variety of classrooms in other discipli

Position Description

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, international face-to-face placements are not available for 2021 placements. 

Our field experience can be adapted to the needs of the teacher candidates who will join any of our schools. Candidates can observe multiple classrooms to see how the curriculum is delivered to ESL learners. Some candidates may wish to teach several lessons of an existing unit of students while others might wish to develop a mini unit within the current unit of studies. Cultural opportunities are provided for candidates so they can experience China while taking their field experience with Maple Leaf. There are more opportunities for secondary teachers than elementary teachers because of fewer Grade 1-9 schools, however, we have found that elementary teachers have enjoyed their experiences in the secondary program.

Other: Candidates should be aware that gmail, facebook and linkedIn are blocked in China so candidates should upload a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN so that contacts with friends at home can be maintained. Students require a valid visa to enter China. These can be obtained from the Chinese Consulate once they receive their Letter of Invitation. Flight costs are fairly expensive right now but normally a return ticket to YVR is $1,800 CAD. Living costs in China are very reasonable, as are bus, rail or domestic flights.

Organization Information

CMLES consists of 15 BC Certified Schools that are located throughout China. Three of these schools are foreign nationals school for Grades 1 -9 and twelve schools are grade 10-12 high schools. Our teachers are BC certified from several English speaking countries of the world and our students are Chinese National students whose goal it is to attend an English university in North America upon graduation. These students are anxious to learn and a delight to teach.

Location: Jinshitan, China