ISEE Solutions

Resource Developer

Theme: Community Service
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Middle Years and Secondary

Position Description

The cornerstone of our work is a reproductive workshop for students in Uganda. We provide workshops for both boys and girls. We also train local teachers so they can present the workshops to future students. Workshops usually have between 50 and 300 people. The information we present has been cobbled together over almost a decade’s worth of presentations and research. We draw upon medical textbooks, UN and WHO publications, Red Cross and Marie Stopes leaflets, and the vast experience of countless women. While this information is valuable and important, it is also incredibly diverse in form and tone. We need this knowledge to be collated into a unified format that is clear and easily teachable. This will definitely require re-writing and rewording of diverse materials so a strong faculty with written English is needed. The students will be tasked with this project. They will design and create a PDF document which we can then print and distribute in Uganda as well as use internally. This will become our new Reproductive Health Workshop Facilitator Guide. If a student has the skills and interest, an additional task would be to design and deliver high quality large (24″x36″) digital files (.psd or .ai) of reproductive systems as well as other supporting materials. Students must be sensitive to the political and social realities of Uganda and should be aware of the country’s position on sexual education especially regarding LGBTQ2S+ rights. Our organization is completely allied with LGBTQ2S+ persons and does not support Uganda’s position, but we have to work within their legal framework.

Other: The resources we need have to be visible to a large group and should not rely on technology beyond chalk and board. Additionally, it is important to note that our presentation is approximately 2.5 hours long and so any added activities need to be high interest.

Organization Information

ISEE Solutions is a registered Canadian charity that works primarily with girls and young women in Uganda. We are a secular, education-based organization that provides sexual and reproductive information to vulnerable populations of both boys and girls in a variety of settings. We also provide free-of-charge reusable sanitary kits so that menstruation does not prevent girls’ education.

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