Clubhouse Childcare

Theme: Early Childhood Education and Recreation / Outdoor Education
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Early Years

Position Description

The student will work alongside our staff in our Early Years Programs to discover all the benefits to the children in our traditional program settings. Building a program from our early childhood curriculum is a valuable tool to working with this age group. Learning through play is a big part of our philosophy and we extend this to incorporate two sessions a week at our nature-based outdoor programs (at The Clubhouse Farm and at The Treehouse Forest Preschool). Learning how to take the classroom setting and adapting this to an outdoor setting is crucial to our program. Observing children, giving them space and providing a wholesome experience is a key element of our program.

Expected hours //
# of placements 1
French possible? No

Organization Information

The Clubhouse provides care in a number of different programs. Our Early Years program caters in our daycare room for 1 – 5 year olds in group daycare and multi-age programs. At our Cottonwoods program we cater to a kindergarten group for one of our after school programs (Casorso Elementary). At the Clubhouse we foster confidence and sense of self in children.

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