Building Blocks Educare

Theme: Early Childhood Education
Location: Kelowna
Age Group: Early Years

Position Description

Placement at Building Blocks could be done as an observation or hands on learning experience. Early learning is an essential piece in setting children up for success in their learning later in life. At Building Blocks we focus on the development of the Whole Child. This means we not only focus on their cognitive development but also their physical, social, and emotional development as well. Through a placement at Building Blocks students would have the opportunity to experience different ways of helping children to develop self-regulation at a developmentally appropriate level, how to plan activities that are fun and engaging, but also loaded with learning opportunities. They will see firsthand different ways to engage a large group, grab their attention, redirect behaviors, comfort, and support children. Students would be given the opportunity to design and implement a variety of activities if they so desired.

Organization Information

Building Blocks is an early learning childcare facility. We support the growth and development of the whole child from birth to age 5.

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