Career Posting: Field Advisor

Compensation Range

5,906.25 – $8,508.42 CAD Monthly

Posting End Date

April 9, 2022


Job Summary

This position is responsible for helping to coordinate and support the field experiences of teacher candidates in relation to the mission and priorities of the Okanagan School of Education. As a  University representative in schools and communities for the Okanagan School of Education in the Faculty of Education, a primary task entails being part of a team charged with facilitating connections among teacher candidates, practicing teachers, faculty, and community partners, purposefully bringing theory and practice together to enlarge and deepen professional knowledge.

Organizational Status

This position reports directly to the Field Experience Coordinator and the Director of Undergraduate Programs and works in close relationship with Faculty members who teach within the Bachelor of Education program and across the Okanagan School of Education.

The Okanagan School of Education includes 15 full-time faculty, sessional lecturers, as well as adjunct faculty members ranging from 10-20 per year. The graduate program comprises approximately 100 students pursuing Masters (MA, MEd) and doctoral programs. The undergraduate program comprises approximately 120 post-bac students pursuing a B. Ed. degree over 16 months.  Additionally, there is coursework for ongoing professional development throughout each year, including Summer Institute. As a whole, the Okanagan School of Education offers intellectual community and supports for educators across all phases of their professional growth. Faculty maintain active and ongoing research programs. Faculty research grants support the employment of student researchers, both graduate and undergraduate students. There are 3 BCGEU and 2 management and professional staff supporting the operations and administration of the Department.

Work Performed

Oversight of field experiences:

  • Facilitate the development of a collaborative, inclusive, inquiry-oriented professional learning culture with partner schools/school districts

  • Assists with preparation for supervision visits and reviews as required

  • Collaborate with other members of the field advisor team regarding the communication and logistical information required to develop and sustain the field experience partnerships

  • Assume responsibility for a cohort of BEd students (teacher candidates and interns). This includes mentoring, and assessing teacher candidates and interns regarding their field experiences as well as collaborating with and supporting mentor teachers and school administrators. 

  • Liaise with mentor teachers, administrators, other field advisors, field observers and the Director of Undergraduate Programs regarding learning goals and/or any concerns with a BEd student’s progress during field experience

  • Ensure due process for teacher candidates and interns

Programmatic Planning, Coordination, Communication and Public Relations:

  • Collaborate with the field experience team regarding program planning and the development and coordination of field experiences, including orientation and induction activities, mentor recruitment and follow-up, and partnership development

  • Develop curriculum and other materials as needed

  • Participate in the development and/or revision of policies and guidelines for the Bachelor of Education program and corresponding manuals which clearly outline the processes in field experience education (e.g. field experience handbook)

  • Consult and collaborate with teacher candidates, interns, mentor teachers, school district personnel and community agencies regarding field experiences to clarify policies and expectations

  • Assess the effectiveness of programs and policies and recommend improvements

  • Collaborate with school/district partners to develop professional learning initiatives that support teacher candidates and interns

Field Experience Advising:

  • Participate in the co-planning/co-assessment process in all BEd field experience courses with other members of the field experience team (Field Experience Coordinator, field advisors and field observers)

  • Provide ongoing feedback about teacher candidate and intern professionalism and competence, and provides guidance and assistance if any concerns and/or difficulties arise

  • Tracks student progress and provides student advising regarding progression and performance in field experiences.

  • Consult with curricular block leaders and instructors to assess and monitor the progress of teacher candidates throughout the program.

  • When required, participate in appeal processes initiated by teacher candidates or interns

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of the Okanagan School of Education.

Consequence of Error/Judgement

This position plays a critical role in assessing and monitoring the progress of teacher candidates throughout the program and providing them with ongoing feedback.  This position must be willing to give formative as well as summative evaluative feedback both verbally and in writing.  This position also collaborates with and seeks guidance by collaborating with other Faculty Advisors under the supervision of the Director of Undergraduate Programs with regard to the feedback to be given and the options to be provided to teacher candidates with regard to progressing through the program.

This position must be willing to give negative feedback to the teacher candidate if indicated.  Inappropriate judgment or unwillingness to provide constructive feedback can harm the teacher candidate’s progress in the program and/or result in difficulties in subsequent practice settings.  Incorrect or inappropriate decisions may adversely affect teacher candidates and directly affect the reputation and credibility of the Okanagan School of Education, Faculty of Education and of UBC, locally, nationally and internationally.

Supervision Received

Works under the direct supervision of the Director of Undergraduate Programs, with input from the other Directors within the Okanagan School of Education.  All decisions and work conducted by this position is subject to review, approval and supervision by the leadership team within the Okanagan School of Education.

Supervision Given

The Director of Undergraduate Programs and the other members of the leadership team are also available regarding policy and its application to assessing teacher candidate performance.  It is expected that this position will work as a member of a team and will provide support and mentorship to other team members as appropriate.

Preferred Qualifications

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Master-level degree in Education is strongly preferred. Minimum four years of relevant classroom practice/experience. Preference will be given to applicants with instructional leadership experience in school settings.

Other Information

Educators interested in a multi-faceted role within the Bachelor of Education program are invited to apply.

Off-campus work will take place within clusters of schools in the follow schools districts: SD 83- North Okanagan/Shuswap, SD 22: Vernon, SD 23: Central Okanagan, and SD 67- Okanagan/Skaha.

Specific terms of professional leaves from school districts are the sole responsibility of applicants and will need to be arranged with districts on a case-by-case basis.