Faculty of Education announces 3-Minute Thesis Winners

Kathryn Struik and Serveh Naghshbandi advance to UBC Okanagan’s 3-Minute Thesis competition 

On January 8, 2015, the Innovative Learning Centre hosted the second annual Faculty of Education 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Heat. Graduate students were invited to explain the depth and significance of their thesis research to a non-specialized audience and panel of judges in just three minutes.

Each faculty and school is invited by the College of Graduate studies to host a heat to determine the finalists who will compete at the 3MT Final in March for titles and cash prizes. The UBC Okanagan 3MT winner will also have the opportunity to attend the Western Regional 3MT competition in late spring 2015.

Faculty of Education graduate students Kathryn Struik and Serveh Naghshbandi will advance to the campus-wide final on March 4, 2015.


Serveh Naghshbandi (left) and Kathryn Struik will proceed to UBC Okanagan’s 3MT Competition

Katie Struik, Masters of Arts student, presented Not always a walk in the park: Ensuring a strong bond between children on the spectrum and their canine companion. Originally from Northern Ontario, Struik moved to the Okanagan to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology before deciding to pursue her graduate studies with the Faculty of Education.

Struik’s research investigates animal therapy.

“I am interested in examining the unique bond that is shared between a child with autism and their companion dog,” says Struik. “Due to the highly dynamic triad relationship between the dog, the child, and the family, the decision for a family impacted by autism to integrate a companion dog into the care plan presents unique challenges.”

Struik’s 3MT provides insight into her enthnographic study designed to identify factors that influence children’s capacity to bond with their dog.

Serveh  Naghashbandi’s background in Industrial Design (BA),  Art Studies (MA), and Education (MA) has provided a rich foundation for her current research in the Faculty of Education, and work as a Research Assistant in the Innovative Learning Centre.

Naghshbandi, PhD student in the Faculty of Education, presented her Master’s resarch: Design thinking in 21st century’s teaching and learning.

“I am exploring the potential possibilities of Design Thinking as a creative meaning-making process in 21st century’s teaching and learning,” says Naghashbandi.

Join Naghashbandi and Struik when they present the key concepts of their research at the finals for the 3MT.

When: March 4 2015, 1 to 2:30 p.m.
Location: University Theatre (ADM 026)






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